I keep messing this thing up

Friday, June 30, 2006

Here is my blog dedicated to some of my friends.

Michael is the most wonderful person I have ever met! He treats me better than I ever imagined....I can't believe we have been together for more than 2 years already.... He is the most wonderful part of my life and I am SO glad to have him. He cares so much about me...he would do anything for me!! Best part of my life! (along w/ my family) xo

Danielle she is my sexy friend from CSM...she is beautiful....model like.... She is sweet and funny and real. She does whatever she wants but is still herself and doesn't let her friends down. She is the best person!! Her parents taught her well to be sweet to everyone! Danielle is one of the only sexy hott CSM women who like dressin up and lookin good! I luv ya!

Jennifer is my Fort Hays lady! She is my swimming buddy and running partner for life...well kinda.... Jenn is a pretty girl with a whole lot of personality. She is in great shape and keeps herself lookin hott all the time! She is probably the only person who has nice feet...and i hate feet.

Jackie she is the best room-mate ever.... I was messy and she put up with it! We also had so much fun together! Everyday was an adventure! Jackie is crazy! Jackie is another hott mines lady (one of the few). I luv her and was glad we got together. Too bad Danielle couldn't have stayed with us... She is a wonderful person tho who has a ton of friends and lots of boyz chasin after her.

Dave....he is crazy! He is great at guitar and he is funny! I love hangin out with dave he was in my room almost every night when I fell asleep! Best guy! I miss him already and will miss him a lot next year!

Alex...he is my study partner and a wonderful guy! Alex is someone i can always talk to about michael because he has a longtime girlfriend too that he talks about all the time! He is a wonderful person and very intelligent. He is a sweetheart!

Kyle Flannagan...he is my californian friend... He is wonderful and outgoing. Kyle is a real sweetheart and a funny guy! He was one of the first people I met at mines....Ha...I miss you kyle!

Maria...we have been friends since I moved to Garden! We have gone to almost every dance together since i have lived here. We have so many memories and we used to know everything about e/o. We did everything together...i was at her house all of the time! luv ya.

So i just keep messing this thing up....every time I try and use it! It is really starting to make me mad....not gonna lie!

So my lasts posts said something like....

I started blogger stuff to keep in touch with this really sweel family I know and LOVE!!!! They are wonderful people who care a ton about eachother and those around them! Irene was like a second mother to me when they lived in Garden City...sometimes I think I was at her house more than my own. I was always with Maria everyday for lunch and a lot of times after school or at night and for sure every weekend. I miss them very much! I miss Maria a lot because we are both so busy with school and work and with living so far apart it is hard to see her ever! Maria is a wonderful person who deserves only the best! She is caring, beautiful, smart, fun, and a wonderful person all around. Irene is a great mom who works hard to give her kids all that she can. She is a great business woman who has proven it by success and success again by moving up in the company and starting a branch of it in Whichita. I am very proud of her.

Now for the second post....that i lost

I am having trouble deciding where I am going to go for college next year. I would like some suggestions from anyone....i am basically desperate.
Last year I went to Colorado School of Mines. I did well in school and I am for sure going into engineering. I am thinking about going back to Colorado School of Mines or Kansas State University. I want a great education that is my number one priority but I also would like variety and more people that I can get along with. Here are the facts about the different schools and what matters to me

Colorado School of Mines
1. Great school for engineering, everyone I talk to that knows about engineering knows about CSM and knows it is a good school
2. I did well at CSM, I have a good GPA
3. They have small class sizes
4. Teachers are willing to help you when you go in or e-mail and ask for help
5. Both my sisters live around that region so I have family nearby
6. My parents want to move back to Wyoming (so that is closer to colorado than k-state
7. I have a job there that is flexible with my schedule
8. I dont want to live in Kansas when I get out of college so this allows me different job options for internships
9. There is no diversity at CSM....everyone is engineers
10.There are no other options for classes there...no art or sewing or dance classes
11.I dont have anything in common with most girls there
12.Guys there dont want to just be your friend really because the ratio of guys to girls is so bad that they find out they can't get with you and they are on to the next best thing

Kansas State University
1. K-State has diversity
2. More classes...not just engineering
3. There are all sorts of girls there girls like me and girls that are different from me
4. Not such a bad ratio that guys only want to get with girls so that they won't be left without a girlfriend
5. More exciting events like D1 football, parties all the time
6. My boyfriend the person outside my family that is MOST important in my life lives there
7. I would like to help Michael with school and see him every day
8. Maria lives there
9. Concerned about the class sizes
10.Concerned about teachers willing to help students
11.I want to know it is just as good of education as CSM
12.Family probably moving far away from there

Things that are most important for my university to have....
1. good education
2. diversity
3. fairly close to family (and Michael)
4. place that makes me happy
5. place where i can love school, life, and stuff
6. fun things to do....parties...games exciting events....

For my last and most exciting post i lost....

I have been sewing a lot and I LOVE it!! I have been making cute tops and they are really quite hott too....not gonna lie! I got new patterns the other day when i was with my mommy....and they are awesome....i started sewing one and it has sea green poca-dots and white....it is kinda layered and i am going to have a bow under the boobs...the straps are going to be the poco-dots with white on the outside...i might put a little lace on the bottom of the shirt i think it would look rather snazzy....so we will see.